Upcoming Events:

ParaCheer Workshop with ParaCheer International, hosted by Gemini Cheer – 16th July 2017, 1-5pm – Coventry – see details here: ParaCheer Workshop – July 2017



ParaCheer Workshop with ParaCheer International, hosted by Incredibly Cool Events – 13th August 2017 – Manchester.
Full details coming soon….


ParaCheer International ran three introductory workshops in late 2014 to gain an insight into interest in cheerleading for disabled people and to learn how best to approach working with integrated groups. You can see images from those workshops in our Gallery pages. Also, see the Feedback page for responses from some of the participants of those workshops.

We are now looking to expand our services to existing cheerleading programmes who are interested in either starting their own ParaCheer team, or who just want to give their athletes and coaches an opportunity to learn about inclusive practice and to engage with their wider community, in the form of hosted workshops.

Hosted Workshops

The intention for a hosted workshop is for a cheerleading programme to open their programme up, for that session, to disabled individuals in their local community who are interested in having a go at cheerleading. These workshops offer a range of benefits for your athletes, your programme, disabled attendees and the wider community.

These workshops can be varied to suit the individual circumstances of each programme, but generally will be attended by 2 coaches, chosen by ParaCheer International for their experience working with disabled athletes, and will be around 3-4 hours in duration. Cheerleading programmes are responsible for providing the venue and equipment for these workshops and will be charged a set fee for attendance of the coaches.

Please get in touch if your programme would be interested in running a hosted workshop and we can discuss your individual requirements.

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