Team England ParaCheer

Team England ParaCheer Cover Photo

In 2015 the International Cheerleading Union (ICU) invited ParaCheer International to bring an integrated team of disabled and non-disabled athletes, to showcase at the 2016 World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida, USA. This was a world first, and an event that sparked the beginning of a whole new division in competitive cheerleading.


For the 2017 World Championships, ParaCheer International formed two teams to compete in the first ever ParaCheer divisions and we are very pleased to share that Team England ParaCheer Unified Advanced won Gold in their division,  and Team England ParaCheer Unified Pom won Silver in their division.

We are very proud of both teams.

Team England ParaCheer 2017 Team Photo

Team England ParaCheer Unified Pom 2017 Team Photo

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