Announcing – Team England ParaCheer 2017 Worlds teams!

We are excited and proud to announce the Coaches and Athletes who will be representing England at the 2017 ICU Cheerleading World Championships in the brand new ParaCheer divisions:

Team England ParaCheer



Head Coach: Uri Verthime
Assistant Coaches: Zoe Reed, Nikki Murphy


Amelia Hayashida
Antonia Graham
David Knowles
Emily Alner
Emma Ireland
Emma Nock
Emmie Deer
Gwenllian Evans
James Vodrey
Kat Knowles
Kat Madine
Leah Evans
Melly McLaughlin
Nick Simmons
Paige Collins
Rebecca Lally
Rick Rodgers
Sam Cunningham
Sarah Bishton
Scott Archibald
Steph Malfatti
Victoria Gillett
Vivien Lee
Wendy Armitage

Team England ParaCheer Freestyle Pom



Head Coach: Aaron Simmonds
Assistant Coaches: Sammi Connell, Sheila Salvador


Amelia Davies
Annabel Flay
Celsie Ellis
Ceri Solomon
Cherry Grimes
Danielle Cheetham
Eleanor Downs
Jamie-Lee Driver
Katlyn Harvey
Maisie Douglas
Molly Gale
Naomi Hayzen
Niamh Coveney
Rachel Berenson-Perkins
Ruby Payne
Sophia Michiko
Stacey Dyer
Sydney-Beau Thompson

Congratulations to all athletes placed on teams! We wish you the best of luck and will be supporting you all the way!


One thought on “Announcing – Team England ParaCheer 2017 Worlds teams!”

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Go get ’em guys!
    Show them how it’s done and make history. So very proud of all involved. ❤️❤️❤️


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